Why I'm Running for State House

Alaska's government has become paralyzed. Our state leaders have raised partisanship and governmental gridlock to a calamitous art. The artifice of putting their party, politics, and outside interests over the best interests of the people being governed, coupled with the practice of blaming others instead of looking at what they can do to improve things, has created a government that is incapable of doing its job. "We the people" must hold them accountable for this failure to do their job.


They have a 90 day session in which to do their work. This should be sufficient, yet year after year they extend the session and don't have a budget done on time. Their inability to pass a budget and address the most fundamental job leads to millions of dollars wasted.


The paralysis has also led to the closing or curtailing of several critical services and programs in our state. The uncertainty throughout our state has led to a crisis. This crisis of leadership must be addressed. We need leaders that hold themselves to a higher standard. We need leaders that are motivated to communicate, engender trust, and serve. I am a full-time teacher, not a career politician. I am committed to serve in a way that encourages trust, promotes individual prosperity, and opens communication. Refocusing energy and resources to help the people of Alaska and serve their interests will be my highest priority.  I believe that the people of Alaska want and deserve better. When we all roll up our sleeves, work together, and serve each other we can end the gridlock, balance our budget, and provide needed services.

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